Projects must ensure transparency in their implementation and demonstrate reliable methodological development that supports the veracity of their removal or reduction of GHG emissions. To guarantee the above, GLOBAL EMISSIONS STANDARD has developed the Certification Protocol, which supports projects to meet the requirements established in its certification program.

Certification Process

By mentioning all the stages and processes that the projects must meet, the different requirements and parameters of compliance are understood in each one. The different stages of the certification process are listed below:

1. Prefeasibility:

Before starting the project design, it is important to define the certification standard and the methodology under which the project will be developed.

2. Project Design:

This phase consists of evaluating the project activity and the additionality requirements proposed by the project developer to subsequently propose a PDD based on a methodology approved by the program according to the type of project.

3. Project Identification:

An account is created on the EcoRegistry registration platform, documents supporting the previous stages of the project are attached, including the PDD. With this information, EcoRegistry generates a project identification number (ID).

4. Validation:

It consists of an independent evaluation carried out by an accredited VVB of the project design and its baseline. After the evaluation, a validation report is produced if the project design meets all the requirements; otherwise, corrective actions are generated that the project developer must adjust.

5. Implementation and Monitoring:

The project developer executes the project activities established in the PDD, with which the removal or reduction of GHG is carried out.
Measurements and calculations of the removal or reduction of GHG are carried out, following the monitoring plan approved in the validation.

6. Verification

An independent VVB verifies that the project has achieved the GHG removal or reduction proposed in the PDD. Subsequently, after the evaluation, a verification report is produced in the event that the project activities meet all the requirements; otherwise, corrective actions are generated that the owner must adjust.

7. Certification

After the project status is verified, the carbon credits emission certification is requested, finally complying with the requirements of the voluntary certification process.


To support the different stages of the process and guarantee compliance with the program parameters, it is necessary to review and implement the GES documents.


Normative Documents
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Global Emissions Standard
Conversion Format
Global Emissions Standard
Instructive Program Change
PRR - GHG Development Requirements Documents
DocumentsVersionDate of IssueDownload
Protocol of certification1.113.10.2020
PDD Template1.024.05.2020
Monitoring Report Template1.003.06.2020
Validation and
Verification Report
Validation and
Verification Statement
Certification Report
Special Power of Attorney1.011.11.2020
VVB Conflict of Interest Statement1.012.11.2020
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